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Ode to Poland 2023
Tears enough to fill a well

Feeling broken at times, but whole overall

A week filled with sadness and overflowing with support

Family is not just a word. It’s an emotion and a feeling of love and being secure. Even when

Revenge won’t change the past. Revenge cant make it right. The only thing revenge can do is keep you in the past. The future is unwritten and you have the power to make it positive.

A better understanding of history.

Appreciate your family.

Grateful for my life.

A free soul wandering.


It was probably the best trip ever and I can now say for sure that I am a better person because of it.

We are the revenge.

I’m so grateful for being given this opportunity to go on this trip and learn and grow more
aware about Jewish history.

Grey and down, I hate this town

The crux of pain realized.

Baruch Hashem for the experience.

Poland, I will not miss you.

Beautiful but tragic

Poland era over…Will 50% miss it, but LFG Israel.

Perseverance is our revenge- their memories live on through the joy of a new generation.

The land where countless number of lives were created but also destroyed.

An unbreakable community that will help us never forget the ones we lost.

Our footsteps are in the shape of the fallen but our people are in the shape of the trees. We
grow towards the sky.

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